Quick reboot into Windows

If you use Bootcamp then you’ve probably wondered if there’s an equivalent to the excellent Windows Taskbar utility that quickly allows you to reboot to Mac OS X. Well wonder no more as BootChamp is exactly the thing you’re looking for.

Install the little app and reboot your Mac. Upon restarting, you’ll find a little icon on your menu bar that allows you to ‘Restart into Windows’. The first time you do it, it’ll ask you for authorisation, but thereafter, it’s a single click operation – nice n’ easy!

Further information:

Bootchamp (MacUpdate)
Bootchamp (author’s site)


Apple UK keyboards – where’s the #?!

Well here’s an interesting one that I’d never noticed before…

The genuine Apple UK keyboard doesn’t have a # (hash) key on it!
The secret is to use ALT 3 which gives a ‘#’ in OS X Snow Leopard.

It turns out that it’s not that easy if you’re running a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) into a machine running Windows. Anyone any idea how to fix?