Why a blog?

Well here it is…my first blog entry!

You may ask why I’m bothering with a blog in the first place. A fair question actually.

I’ve not joined the chattering masses in the past as I really didn’t have anything I felt was worthwhile saying.  While it’s arguably true that given an infinite time-span an infinite number of monkeys could eventually produce the works of Shakespeare, the output before that significant event is likely to be of a higher quality than most of the writings on the ‘net.

However as time has passed, I’ve come to the opinion that the blog is as good an archive of my random thoughts & discoveries as any other medium. The archive is as much for my own benefit as yours – whoever you may be!

Whilst the slant of this blog is mostly going to be of a computer nature, it’s also likely to touch on the other subjects close to my heart – my work in retail, my current transition from PC user to Mac user, the trials of being a Scotland rugby fan, mountain biking, attempting to manage my weight & fitness as I head rapidly towards 40!

If anything in here prompts you to make a comment feel free to do so…it’d be nice to know I’m not just talking to myself 😀


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